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How To Buy An Emerald

“Our Emeralds Make Diamonds Green With Envy” ®

There’s a wonderful saying that “nothing greens greener than an emerald” and as a general rule at Emeralds International, when we are asked this question by a prospective buyer wanting to own the alluring green gem known as emerald for the first time, we typically start our education and advice with the statement “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, and that one should buy what appeals to their desire and interests (including budget) first. If the interest is quality and price, then these are determined by other factors, primarily color, fire/brilliance, clarity and size. Collector quality will have certain prerequisites including country of origin for many collectors.


Emeralds, depending on country of origin will have single, double or triple phase inclusions. Although incredibly fine and valuable emeralds come from sources such as Africa and Brazil, Colombian emeralds are the standard by which all other emeralds are judged and are particularly known for their color and inclusion patterns, that is to say, liquids, solids, and gases within its structure. Unlike diamond, which is the crystallization of a single element, carbon, the chemical composition of emerald involves many elements coming together such as aluminum, beryllium, silicate & iron. Along with the coloring agents chromium and vanadium, this unique combination that separates it from all other green gems and beryl’s, produces a gem commonly found to have inclusions and fissures. These inclusions are known as the “Jardin” or “Garden”, and are visible somewhere within the emerald, most often to the naked eye. Unlike diamonds, the words “inclusion” and “flaw” are not interchangeable when referring to emeralds. The inclusions are to be expected in all natural emeralds and should be regarded as a signature of genuineness. Color is the first determinant of value in an emerald, then fire/brilliance, transparency and clarity next and its size the final factor. The varying degrees of each of these characteristics will have an impact on desirability and value. An emerald could be over saturated in color or dull with heavy inclusions and light color and everything in between. As a Type III gem which according to the GIA classification of gemstones in their respective clarity characteristic classification – is always included and thus clarity is not as important in emeralds as other gems particularly diamond, but can be a multiplying factor in certain specimens. Cut in an emerald is not as important as in a diamond for example, as the gem is being cut primarily for color, not brilliance, and it is common to see these many varying proportions in an emerald evident in the facets, tables, crowns, pavilions and culets. Geologically far rarer than diamonds, on average, emeralds are not large stones and those over one carat cut, of good quality are considered larger and command higher prices and can be more valuable than white diamonds. The green fire of an emerald is forever exciting to see and a magnificent emerald is the heaven of the mineral world. The joy of owning one never diminishes.

The beauty of purchasing an emerald lies in the diversity and variety of nuances of color, clarity, fire/brilliance and sizes available to select. Choose clarity and fire/brilliance over color or conversely, the darker green, whichever pleases you more. Marcial de Gomar’s Emeralds International, LLC, is one of the few sources in the world for rough emerald crystals in either rough-cut or freeform cut gems in mountings custom designed by hand. Rarer and more sought after are emeralds that have the combination of all these qualities – color, fire/brilliance, clarity and size.

We hope you enjoy your shopping experience with Emeralds International, LLC, and that we have contributed to your knowledge of one of the rarest of the precious stones. We look forward to providing you with excellence in quality and service beyond conventional expectations, as Marcial De Gomar’s Emeralds International, LLC, celebrates over five decades in the business of fine emeralds, conch pearls and other rare gems.

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