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Is my item insured until I receive it?

Yes, our 3rd party insurance carrier covers all our shipments until they are signed for. Thereafter it is your responsibility to protect your jewelry from theft, loss and damage under your own insurance policy.

Can you recommend and insurance provider?

If you have a homeowners policy that provides good coverage then we recommend you use that but if you don’t have a policy we can recommend Jewelers Mutual. You are responsible for insuring your own jewelry. We are not an insurance company and are not responsible for the jewelry outside of our basic workmanship warranty.

If my piece of jewelry needs a repair or adjustment can I take it to another jeweler?

Although many people have a hometown jeweler that they feel comfortable with taking their repairs or adjustments to, we highly recommend allowing us to perform any repair or alteration on your jewelry item purchased from us as we are here to take care of you, especially if it is a repair that falls under a warranty. If you take a ring to be resized by your local jeweler it will automatically void any warranty. We resize our rings free of charge and will perform most first time basic alterations free of charge as well.

How long does your warranty last?

Our warranty on workmanship does not cover damage and wear and tear to the item particularly for prongs and other components that will wear down over time. If an item has defective workmanship we will repair or replace the mounting at no charge or refund an item at our discretion within the first year. We usually cover any melee (small round diamonds) gems that may fall out of an item within the first year under normal wear. It is important to remember that your insurance policy is the only protection against loss, theft and damage. Most damage occurs to a jewelry item (particularly rings) without noticing it at first. They undergo tremendous centrifugal forces which alone will loosen gems over time. We are usually able to determine if a stone loss is from impact and or excessive wear, or not, to determine whether it is covered under our replacement policy.

Do I need an appraisal after I buy an item from you?

Our state of the art sales receipts provide all the details an insurance company needs to provide you a policy to protect your purchase and we are happy to provide an additional detailed document (Acquisition Cost report) for purchases over $1500.00 (except for chains) if needed.

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