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Emeralds are amongst the rarest and most coveted gems on the planet! Their striking range of green hues and fire have captivated the hearts of mankind for millenia including one of mankinds most famous female leaders, Queen Cleopatra! The emerald has represented many things over time from fidelity to health, wealth and now hope and justice! Green is a color that goes with everything so from a fashion point it’s extremely versatile and is a must have in any wardrobe! Married with the sparkle and brilliance of diamonds and other gems, one can experience a real display of natures beauty in the form of wearable art.

The founder of Emeralds International, Manuel Marcial de Gomar, caught “green fever” at the young age of 19 when he broke open the outer layers of the earth and discovered his first emerald. Since then it has been a devoted love affair manifesting in a pioneering spirit of business and adventure beginning with the opening of the first all emerald store outside of Colombia in the 1960’s to his present day family run boutique in Key West a half century later, still specializing in these inspiring gems.

Even Superman wouldn’t resist this special green so why not “catch green fever” with one of our beautiful designs whether it’s a rough or cut emerald and discover why “The Emerald is a Romance That Never Ends!” ®