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There’s a wonderful mystery and what can also be conceived as a spiritual quest when mankind goes on this challenging, dangerous and highly rewarding journey to uncover these gems of perfection in the mineral world that lay hidden from our eyes. Our very own journey in this classroom of life requiring the mining of the “inner gems of virtue” that lay latent within each one of us, somewhat mirrors that same journey in the gem world. From the time the very first layers of the earth’s soil are removed, to the exhilarating discovery of something precious and valuable, to the artistic jewelry design that will enshrine these treasures, and finally into the hands of the one to possess these creations of wearable art that represent precious and irreplaceable memories and emotions, one can truly appreciate the amazing journey these gems undertake and the intimate bond we have with them.

Rough emerald and rough gem jewelry are a unique look and feel compared to the more traditional faceted gem jewelry designs. One is either drawn to their unique look and appeal or not. At Emeralds International, founder and designer Marcial de Gomar has been designing and making rough emerald jewelry for over 50 years in free form styles that capture the natural shapes of rough emeralds as well as in those found in nature like our signature ocean theme tendril designs. Often our rough emerald and emerald designs are made in our signature 18KT green gold, an alloy with more silver that produces a brighter, less copper tone finish, as well as in yellow, rose and white gold and platinum.

Whether with a combination of round cut diamonds, emerald, cultured pearls, and conch pearls, the result is a wonderful marriage and harmony of natural uncut beauty with faceted brilliance, and shape and color – an almost “resolution of opposites”, that enhances the overall appeal of the unique style of rough emerald jewelry we try to create. Want something matching your own personal style and taste? Contact us for free a consultation and quote to make you something special that you can cherish forever.