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Ethical Sourcing & Environment

“Green Since 1964”

old photo of manuel marcial de gomar

Since the founder of Emeralds International, Manuel Marcial de Gomar, set out mining on horseback in the mountains of Colombia in the 1950’s, pulling these rare treasures from the earth out with his bare hands, our company strives to source all our gems and metals through the best and most reputable channels and means possible. As members of the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) we adhere to the code of ethics established by AGTA and maintain long established relationships with small independent miners and dealers to larger entities registered with AGTA  and other reputable industry associations. Unlike the diamond trade, the emerald industry does not have a cartel controlling the global supply of emeralds, which leaves the market more open for competitive pricing and a healthier profit for the independent miners and dealers who also enjoy better social benefits. Unlike diamonds, emerald origins are more easily identifiable due to their chemical composition and inclusion characteristics, and mines and some labs now have good records of these identifying characteristics that are unique to each mine and country. Although not perfect, the emerald industry does not have the infamous conflict issues that diamonds have notoriously become known for having.

Our gold is sourced from worldwide leading refiners and manufacturers that use green methods and all our plating and cleaning liquids are non-toxic and biodegradable.

Our appraisal reports are now also sent in PDF format via e-mail (unless a print version is requested) and our sales receipts can be sent electronically as well as repair notices via text messaging. These all add up in the continuing efforts to combat paper waste and pollution.

Although there is no regulation for sourcing in our industry, it has always been part of our company’s mindset as put forth by its founder, to see the world through a world embracing vision that not only genuinely cares about its clients no matter who they are, but also the wellbeing of the planets resources that provide for all of humanity.

While not claiming to be perfect, we can always strive for excellence, and adapting to the necessary and progressive changes in our industry will always be part of our pledge and mission as long as we are in business.