3rd Party Lab Reports & Certification

Because of our close relationships with reliable sources and our long experience in the emerald and conch pearl industry, we have the ability to identify and document accurately, on our state of the art receipts, our emeralds and conch pearls detailing their attributes, treatments and in most cases the origin. We also offer a detailed in house report when requested at no extra charge called an Acquisition Cost Report.

The purpose and function of the Acquisition Cost Report is to establish the customer’s replacement description and value of the merchandise (not including sales tax or shipping/handling charges) for the benefit of an insurance company in the event of a loss, theft or damage to the merchandise. It is also educative for the benefit of the customer and their ability to recognize the features inherent in their purchase from Emeralds International. Additionally, the document supports the ability of Emeralds International, to recognize a piece of jewelry previously sold by Emeralds International, and brought into our store by a customer wishing to take advantage of our liberal exchange policy, if applicable.

Emeralds International is also happy to send any of our jewelry items to a 3rd party lab such as GIA or AGL for an independent ID, origin and treatment report, at an extra charge at the clients expense, if requested. Please note that GIA and AGL do not appraise jewelry, they are labs specializing in giving identification, treatment and origin opinions for the industry and the consumer. Please contact one of our sales staff if you would prefer to have one done on an item you would like to purchase. The fee will be given (or waived at our discretion) once we know what type of jewelry and gem you are interested in. We strive to provide the highest detail and accuracy on our designs and correct authenticity so that you can always shop with confidence at Emeralds International.

For an example of one of our detailed Acquisition Cost Reports please click here: Sample Report

In 2004 Manuel Marcial de Gomar, founder of Emeralds International, released his Conch Pearl Color Description Guide to the industry for gemologists, jewelers, dealers and appraisers to make color descriptions easier for natural queen conch pearls. There is no universal grading system for queen conch pearls.

Click on the link to see a copy  of the guide:

MDG CP Color Chart