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The reason behind the success of our nearly 5 decade long family business can be stated very simply: We stand behind our word and our product.

Our mission is to make you happy. We take great care to ensure that our selection of merchandise is created with the highest quality craftsmanship at every step, from concept and design to manufacturing and finishing. Moreover, all gemstones are thoroughly examined before and after setting. This allows us to guarantee that the jewelry you purchase from us is virtually free from manufacturing defects. Should a problem arise that we determine to be due to an original defect, we will either repair or replace the merchandise at no charge.

Our free lifetime warranty includes the cleaning, polishing, checking and tightening of loose gems and rhodium plating. This warranty does not cover damage or loss due to everyday wear and tear, accidents, or abuse. Alterations to merchandise by a third party, e.g., a ring that was sized by someone other than Emeralds International, LLC., after the purchase, will also void the warranty. Once in your hands, the jewelry should be cared for with great respect. Fine jewelry can last indefinitely, but only if you exercise prudence in how you handle it. For the same reason your car dealer does not insure your vehicle against accidents, we are not insurers of your merchandise! We suggest having your jewelry insured through either your homeowners’ policy or other supplemental insurance in case damage or loss should befall your treasured keepsake.

Semi-annual (or even more frequent) maintenance checks are strongly recommended and are essential to keeping your jewelry in superior condition, so we offer unlimited, complimentary cleaning and inspection for purchases made from Emeralds International, LLC. Your jewelry should also be cleaned at home periodically, so check our website for a refresher on care and cleaning instructions. We want you always to wear radiantly clean and bright jewelry. After all, that is some of our best advertising.