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Custom Wedding Bands for Jay & Michael

custom wedding bands for jay & michael

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Custom Wedding Bands for Jay & Michael

Question: How can we help make your wedding even more special?

Answer: Custom wedding bands!

Photo of Carl with clients after working on their custom wedding bands for jay & michael.
(Left) Michael, (Middle) Carl, and (Right) Jay in front of our shop in Key West, FL

Not only do we sell beautiful emerald and conch pearl jewelry, we also get to do some really great custom design and re-model projects. This is a really special project, because it involves rings from our clients parents, who have passed on, to create two custom wedding bands for Jay & Michael. We are happy to be able to share it with you now so you can get a glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes of our local family owned business here in Key West.

custom wedding bands before and after picture

Once again the above video is the making of emerald and diamond custom wedding bands for Jay & Michael. A very sentimental & touching project. For this project we took old diamonds and gold from Michael’s parents wedding rings and joined them with new emeralds and gold to produce a beautiful matching set of two tone gold wedding bands.

The image to the left is a before and after image of the material used for this project. (Note: new gold was also added when melting down the old metal.)

This video does not show the entire process, but allows for a small behind the scenes glimpse into one of the many wonderful projects we get to work on.

Do you want to create your own custom wedding bands?

Contact us or talk to one of our sales professionals today, and we would be happy to create the perfect custom jewelry just for you!

This video was produced by Stephen i Studios. Also check out more videos on our YouTube Channel.

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